Love Letter, CCCD Art Space Hongkong, 2018

Love Letter Part I

My beautiful warriors and radical lovers,
please forgive if words are failing me, this me, which is a structure in transformation, still and strongly placed in a pure physical universe.

The texts I’m reading are fired by nerve cells and flesh and muscles. The poems I’m touched by are composed by a wider range of pain from clear and bright to sonorous and dark. And again and again, accompanied by farewell gestures for the lovely deer, that found his precious nest under my rips.

But I want to try anyway, because this letter is again a love letter to all of you. To all of you, who safe my live in a literal and poetic sense. That’s what I believe. I heard about the burning candles and I saw all the incredible altars and gifts you left for me. And I know, that during my operation I passed the border of impermanence for at least two times. You held me and you held us and it has been the most powerful experience in my life. My healing and reflection process continues and I see little improvements here and there. I have less trouble sleeping, found nice positions to relax my back and ass (yeahh, I discovered the floor again) and will come back to a regular shower protocol in few days. I’m extremely lucky to be home again since a couple of days and I enjoy every second. I feel appreciated, loved and at the exact right place at the right time. I feel, you all shaped and created, you all filled that space and still, you are doing it.

photos: Kohsei Kohen Hasegawa