Surgery Dance, Rebel Art Space Bangkok, Thailand, 2018

Surgery Dance

this might be about colors
as I’m changing colors, as I’m changing faces and the story told by the deer
without a doubt, there are some darker colors, shades and outlines
that have been waiting to be seen since weeks
feelings without anchor, without roots
but present and this taste of loneliness, maybe exclusion, better
pain leaves you unattended
pain is reality, inhabit by only one character
but the pain has faded and with it the blue strings
not for ever, of course, too easy, too let‘ say, superficial
it’s more like a drop of water in a bucket with painted air

and not to forget the warm and soft, the brownish orange moments of being high as a side effect of the medicine some other, less pleasing, more anoying, well sometimes a dark layer, greyish, over head and neck and rips and hips

weird, organs seem to move, still, adjusting
and the narrative change without looking, of course, without asking
and a snail appeard from nowhere, dropped on my floor
I’m drawing like I dream

photos: Chanchai Chua