Transferencias Cardinales – Performance Art Event, Valencia, Venecuela, 2015

There is nothing more dangerous, than your unguarded mind

The performance „There is nothing more dangerous, than your unguarded mind“ refers to a buddistic understanding of the inside and outside of a mindful awareness of time and presence. How can a troubled mind unterstands the presence if the past becomes a blurred reflection of here and now? An untroubled mind, a present mind, is no longer seeking to consider what is right and what is wrong, a mind beyond judgments, watches objectively and understands the nature of arising and passing away.

The Spanish word for remembering is „recordar“, for forgetting „olvidar“. For a non Spanish speaker, it’s a thin difference in the pronunciation, in the difference of the sound. So if they both get merged and connected in the same movement (to open), in very similar objects (colored pepper); the line between the action I took and the action I take and will take, becomes more tensile in the sense of a physical recognition (leakage of colored liquid over the body).

The consequence (colored liquid over the body) becomes the reality of the presence and shift away the difference between the past and the presence, between remembering and forgetting by connecting it to an action and fluid material.


photos: Erika Ordosgoitt