Live Art – research program of Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK 2016

Our hunted house

a collaboration with sound artist Anna Rosa Rodriguez [ven]
„I don’t forget those days that coming out of the job I had to run between people who are desperate and sounds that I couldn’t tell, they were a shotgun? Bullets? I was just listening: Withdrawal!!! And I saw smoke and many green uniforms get close. My sister and I with my niece baby girl inside of a room, covering the cracks to protect her from the tear gas. More than once I stayed in the house of friends because the road to mine was blocked. In those days, many young people never returned to their own.

Today I had a splendid day at school, of those in which one feels that the work is of love. At the same time I remember that it is 12th of February…

A girl told me this morning:

Teacher, which is the heart of the music?-

– hmm let’s see, what do you think?-

– Ahhhhh! The Pulse, the pulse!-

Then he pulls out a stone of his pocket saying:

– look what I found in my journey, a meteor! This also has music, right?-

The wonder and the horror intersect.

Today I wish… That the stones that they find the children and young people in their way are all music.“ (Anna Rosa Rodriguez)

photos: Stu Allsopp