There will be always feathers to run for, Palazzo Bembo, Venice, Italy 2012

There will be always feathers to run for


I’m already in the space, standing in a pile of feathers and with a cloud of wine glasses around my head. I hold them with stretched arms, attached with red ribbons. The floor is covered with red ribbons too which are forming the words “There will be always feathers to run for”. While the audiences enter the room, my arm muscles are gently shaking while holding. The glasses quietly bump in each other in front of my face. After a while I stretch my right arm to the right and the left to the left. My arm muscles shake a bit more and the glasses become louder while touching each other. Now I slowly start to flap my arms like a bird with wings, up and down. The sounds from the glasses become very loud. I intensify my movements until I can’t move my arms anymore. I slow down and start to lift up my right and left feet. They are both fixed to bellows with long black tubes, hidden under the feathers. With every step I pump air through the tubes in the feathers and around. Now I’m slowly speeding up the walking movements and start to flap the arms with the glasses again. I’m running on the point. After a while I slow down again and put away the glasses. I take the right and left tube from the bellows and pump them by feet in a very slow tempo. Feathers are flying out of the tubes. After few moments I put down the tubes and take of the bellows from my feet. I make a step back and take a toy humming top hidden in the feathers and place it in front of the feathers and broken pieces of glass. Finally I start it and listen to the silence and sound of the humming. I leave the space.



photos:Lorenza cini


video:Alice pozzoli