Barquisimeto, Venezuela, 2015

Choose your scars

with guest performer Anna Rosa Rodriguez [ven]

The performance „Choose your scars“ is a direct response to the situation I experienced in Venecuela at this time. On one hand, there are so many basic needs missing on a daily life base, such as security in the streets, certain food or a regular water supply. This atmosphere is often described as an unstable, chaotic situation in which steps are uncertain, consequences unpredictable. On the other hand, there are solidarity and a special spirit, a poetical, a strong and truculent, even lightful connection between bodies that are all navigating together.

„Choose your scars“ is also a dance in which you probably can’t really choose the next direction or intensity, but you decide to stay in motion and if it takes scars to keep on moving forwards, you choose them to incorporate them in all the emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions. It’s all impermanent, it’s all arising and passing away.

Venecuela is a country in a radical change and therefore I was also seeking for an optimistic and positive view, for something light and even playful, like a vibrating, warm voice of the vocal artist Anna Rosa Rodriguez, who beautifuly shared the lightness and strenght of an unconditional free voice.


photos: Nel acosta bravo