FIX Live Art Biennale, Belfast, North Ireland , 2013

Food><Fight III

with Mayte Kappel Rovira [de]

Food><Fight III is the third part of a comical and sensual dinner series which is shaped as an interactive performance installation. Also this time we invite the audience to become an important part of the performative actions and to intervene at the table and beside.

We will set up a long and well laid table with a mass of wildly mixed meals It’s a carefully built still-life, made out of visually cooked and composed dishes, citing stereotypes of typical food images from comics, paintings, films or childhood memories. Following the principles of individual desires, personal culinary wishes and absurd details we create an open and playful space for negotiations.

The frame and central point of Food><Fight III will be a collection of spoken and unspoken rules for the performer and audience. A part of these rules are predefined by the performer, but as a framework also flexible and during the performance fluidly influenced by every participating person in a certain way. What ever happened on the table will influence the audience beside the table, but to take your chance and voice to control this, you have to find your way on the table.

photos: Catalyst

video: Oisin Kearney