Global Communication, Radom, Poland 2011

Vanishing Points

One day before the performance I covered the whole floor of the space with writings, sentences and phrases connected with facts of my life, with experiences, dreams and visions…sometimes very banal or critical, sometimes quite intimate, written with white chalk.

I enter the space while pulling a chair behind me. I walk through the audience and stop from time to time in front of some people. Here I sit on the chair and combine the speaking of some of these phrases on the floor with small movements, in order to locate them on my body. Afterwards I slowly slight from the chair to the floor and begin to move while lying on the ground with using typical movements like walking, swimming or rolling. This I repeat four times. After the fourth time I go to a second chair, step on it and jump to the floor. I get up again, walk to a basin with water and soup, put off my shirt and trousers (covered with the chalked writings and dirt from the floor) and wash them in the water. I take the wet clothes out and wring them out by putting them between two piles of wooden paper in shape of a book. Then I give the shirt and the trouser to an audience member and press the wet wooden paper book against my face. I stay with this image for a moment, leave the papers on the floor and go out.

photos: monika sobczak