As part of „STRATA“ – a performance-based feature film

Director of Cinematography & Editor: Verena Stenke // Lighting director, cinematography: daz disley //Masks, costume design: VestAndPage, Balaustio

The performance Katabasis takes place in a supernatural world and refers to a journey through other outworldly areas. Katabasis allows a brief or chronic stay in the underworld, but finds it temporary rest in the cave belly of a living creature.

„The fifth performance-based film project by the duo VestAndPage deals with Deep Time and layers of memory in human history and the geological. In international collaborations and interdisciplinary processes, performance art, theatre, dance, visual art, and music meet science in human prehistory caves.“

A VestAndPage production, Germany, 2021

Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from Federal Government Commissioner of Culture and the Media

photos: Fotini Kotsopoulou