Kunstfabrik Flutgraben, Berlin, Germany, 2010

I imagine to think radical

I start the performance by holding a frosted glass bowl filled with 9 liter of milk. I pass this bowl to an audience member and ask to let this bowl circulate among the other people in the audience. This is an ongoing action for the whole duration of the performance. I walk through the audience with an open bottle which contains rose oil. I stop in front of a men and let him smell,I slap him immediately if he does so. I fill the rest of the oil in the second glass bowl and light it up. The bowl is burning. Now, I’m balancing the bowl between my head and the column in front of me. By doing this, I constantly repeat the sentence: „I imagine to think radical“. I stop after view minutes, take the bowl down and fill it up the feathers from the floor. I hold the burning bowl over the balustrade and let it fall.

photos: Matthias Pick