Love Letter Part II, Fung Chi Village Hongkong, 2018

Love Letter Part II

The deer is one thing that has to be taken care of.
Therefore, I am the disguise of the deer.
For the deer to pass through the times, I exist.
Thats why a mother is there.
The deer lives fleetingly, always ahead of its time.
For the time being the deer will always be revolutionary.
It lives in me, not to be called white.
The deer is just white.
May not be called white.
Not because it hurts, but when people call a deer white,
these people die for life.

These last 2 weeks I learned a lot. You and the deer taught me incredible valuable lessons, and it’s still just the beginning of a great journey. I would be honoured and happy if I could continuesly count on you and this fabulous community. Please, let’s nourish and feed this community, let’s make place for everybody within, let’s be always ready to give a hand, a word, a hug. Please, let’s be strong, so who ever needs support are caught, is seen and heard. These last days were the prove, you proved, we all did.

photos: To yeuk