tjg. Theater junge Generation, Dresden, Germany, 2013


I’m already in the space, facing the audience. The objects on stage are two chairs 8 pairs of shoes which I asked to get from the audience, a ball and a hanging cymbal on the exit door. I start to walk in a circle around the objects and speed up till I’m running. While running, my look is permanently on the objects. I stop at the first chair, sit down and take off my boots. I go towards the lined up shoes, which are all from teenager. I loosely put on the first shoe, only the right one, and start to march in front of the other shoes. Now I have one shoot with the ball aiming the cymbal. While the shot the shoe is flying away. I take the next right shoe and repeat the action with marching, shooting and aiming the cymbal. Also this shoe is flying away. From now on I repeat this action with all the other shoes. While doing it I intensify the marching with the one shoe on. After the last shot I go towards the second chair on the end of the shoe line. I sit down and slide slowly down. Before I completely reach the floor with my body, the chair breaks over me and covers my face.

photos: Monika Sobczak