Warsaw International Performance Art Festival, Warsawa, Poland 2016

Pressing Times

For me, the state of diffusion with it’s consequence of pressure and counter pressure, is one of the most natural phenomena, but also a strong indicator of our actuality. We are constantly surrounded and overwhelmed by the simultaneity of incidents on a bigger (social) or smaller (private) scale. And the moment an „other“ reality breaks in, the moment the balance between the forces is questioned, we find ourself in the unknown and our carefully crafted environment is in danger to collapse.

So it feels unavoidable that my next performances are attemps to find new performative strategies to response to these overwhelming situations that broke in: the most recent and dramatic situation of refugees in Europe and Germany, the US shootings, the unbearable situtation in Venezuela at the moment and my position as a witness.

How does it feel to live in a hunted house, to exist in an environment which hunts you, which transforms your open door to a security gate? How can we communicate this thin border? Herefore I believe utterance is participation and if words are failing, the body becomes text, and objects, places, and even the audience will be compact in intense situations which is hopefully more participative as just the fact of observing what’s going on.

photos: yulia krivich