Place à l´ art Performance, Paris, France, 2011

Air Condition II

I’m already in space and flap with my arms like a bird with wings. The audiences enter the room and I continue till my arm muscle too tired to continue this movement. After a while I stretch my left arm, pull the sleeve of my shirt back and cover with the right hand my mouth. Immediately I start to breathe loud and rhythmical till I nearly hyperventilate. Small feathers start to fall, hide under my left sleeve. As next I take a tin from the floor and walk towards the audiences. I stay very close to some of them and breathe in and out. The breath I exhale goes closely into the tin. After few repetitions I step in front of the audience and take a toy bird out of this tin.  I move the bird while shaking my right arm as much as possible. Afterwards I put my bird back in the tin. Now I take off my clothes except my underwear and step in a pile of feathers. On the backside of my legs I draw a line with a marker and go over this line with a burning lighter. As next I start an ongoing moving and speaking action. The movements are connecting different body parts with the sentences I speak. The sentences always start with: „I suppose..“ After I stopped these actions, I walk to a prepared chair. I step on the chair and jump directly towards the audience. I fall on the floor, stand up and take a rubber ball out of the tin. I show the ball at the same position where the bird was before.  I let the rubber balls bounce and leave the space.

photos: Monika sobczak