ARENA – Festival der jungen Künste, Erlangen, Germany, 2009

with Mayte Kappel Rovira

We invite you to dinner. On a well-laid table a mass of wildly mixed meals is piled up… Only at the second view you will realize the absurd potential lying within this food. It’s a carefully built still-life, made out of aesteticaly cooked and composed dishes,  citing stereotypes of  typical food images from comics, paintings, films or childhood  memories.  Formal principles are color, textile structure and the desire to materialize subliminal personal culinary wishes.

We want to seduce people to take part and break their own rules in a relish way. Where are the borders where a classy  dinner converts into ”La Grande Bouffe”? How far will the invited participants go and where will we have to mark new borders? What happens when the slow loose of control gets stronger?



photos: ARENA – Festival der junge Künste