Ist da wer – Performance Art in Public Spaces, Wolfenbüttel, Germany 2014

Vom Ungesagten zwischen den Füßen und dem Kopf

I’m not an expert, but if I would guess about life in general and a deeper meaning, I would point on losing and how we have to learn it. It could be descriped as a long life excercise, because at the end, we are going to lose our life, at the end I will lose my life. So, it’s a everyday experience and challenge how to deal with objects which suddenly dissappear, like keys, socks and books; a question how to deal with people who vanish, like friends we dont understand anymore, our neighbours who move in another city or the baker after he closed his shop.

On of the strongest incident is for sure is losing a close person, a friend, a partner, a family member…and we will never be prepared for the their absence, the sudden loneliness and this immense pile of questions, sentences or words we missed to say, to ask. What is it what remains? It’s the unspoken between feet and head.

photos: Lennart Böcker, Peter Cordes, Philipp Pohlmann